Xander, or Why I Quit Paleo

It was a much warmer summer last year. I remember, because I spent the majority of it miserably hunched over the toilet in the bathroom of my apartment. My years of holistic nutrition and wellness paid off–I was pregnant, and my body wouldn’t let me forget it.

I started my journey years ago after being diagnosed with endometriosis and losing my health insurance. In panic and fear, I turned to the internet for some form of support. After much searching and trial and error, I stumbled upon a lifestyle that suited me. It kept my stress level low, my weight ideal, and managed the painful symptoms of my chronic condition.

Fast foward to the weekend my morning sickness hit. I had developed an aversion to protein, which made up the majority of my paleo diet. My herbal teas did nothing to calm my roiling stomach and gag reflex. Yoga was out of the question–any movement just made my head spin even worse. So I did the only thing I could. I gave in to my body’s cravings.

This led to an immediate depression and loss of identity. For years, my habits had defined who I was. In just a few weeks, the little person growing inside of me had stripped away all of my carefully maintained habits. I was left reeling.

Let me be the first to tell you that it is okay. You are doing exactly what you need to be doing. Listen to your body, your spirit, and that precious little life that you’re nourishing. You haven’t failed.

Had somebody said to me that this might happen, I think pregnancy would have been more enjoyable. Instead, I felt like a failure, and that I was robbing my baby of nutrition. These ideas followed me after the birth of my son, when my milk failed to come in and he was hospitalized.

Let me be the first to tell you that IT IS OKAY. Not being able to take a pre-natal vitamin is okay. Getting a scary diagnosis and panicking is okay. Crying in the doctor’s office is okay (and if you feel like it’s not…find a doctor that you feel comfortable with, or a doula in your area who can help you navigate these visits). Requesting medication is okay. Formula feeding your baby is okay. AND SO ARE ALL OF THE ALTERNATIVES.

As long as you are operating out of a place of knowledge and love, and have an open dialog with your healthcare provider, you are already building a wonderful relationship with your child.

My son is three months old now, and I am so thankful that he is in my life. Q6isXD8d-w_wfSWJYsjNI0ToanYwgC7PtSyfROhrsDbl12FW6whapdymFtf3ov8n12Yjs2iMYn4xS45Q-SBIYhIiXeqce5L9cNSrU6Fgs12d3gfR7lWpHSn6zf6dIUi4YWNpzhQEPCtJf-fjp-OixcEiIDGi4oPq8uOXDw_ZOjJa8jGdpp3kkeVni442te6AnS8mgwCctqwgyXKsJFRsVEduXu45oYYaDX

But I am so much more than a parent. I have a thriving business, and the desire to carve out a new nutritious and holistic plan for my life. Please join me in this endeavor, and together we can create a community of parents who uplift their children by addressing their own needs first.


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